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Car 5 archetoy

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The “Arche Toys” are made of steel cylinder profiles and the wheels made of wheel bearings. Each individual toy is handmade in Floris Hovers design studio, from concept drawing to the finished product.
Looking at the timelessness of the designs, you could argue no period or decade that can be put on these designs, though there is an underlying sentiment towards past times.

Car 5, color blood orange RAL 2002
Size lxbxh : 100 mm x 45 mm x 42 mm

It is an inner search towards the balance between work and play. A search for recognizable forms and colours used for designing motor vehicles. This concept has been translated in the design of the archetypical cars of Arche Toys. This thought behind the design indicates that, though typified as toys, these vehicles are meant to express far more than just childrens toys. To be played with, but not necessarily children.

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Car 5 archetoy

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