Pure wool felt curtains design uni

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Felt is natural material which does not ravel and is easy to progress by cutting or sewing. 100% wool felt is water resistant, wear resistant, fire retardant, sound muffling. Great for entrances to keep the weather outside!
BB+++ designer Kellie showed her house in VT wonen 2009 and in that article one could see her self produced grey felt curtains. Afterwards she received lots of reactions. Because of that we have decided to add these curtains to the collection.

-Pure virgin wool design felt, thickness 2mm, width 180 cm
Please note that most Design felt colors have a minimal offtake of 5 meters. Please inform first when your order is just beneath this metrage.

We offer the curtains both including or excluding mat chrome colored rings.

Please select your color on the color card and email the selected number after you've ordered.

The warm grey color on the image is color number 38.

Diameter inside rings: 35 mm.

The system you see on the photo is called in dutch: Melkerbuis or Kee klamp system.
You can also choose 'without rings' in the dropdown and search for a pinching system.

The felt is 180 cm width (on role) and we do not stitch the seperate widths together, because of the esthetic view.
This way you can see the character of felt the strongest.
On the photo of the kitchen, which is 4,50 meters width, you see at both sides two parts felt of 180 cm width. In total 4 x 180 cm.
How do you measure your needs? We advice: 1,5 x width of window to know how many withs of 180 cm. And the hight is easy to measure.
For example: you have a window of 3,50 m width and a height of 2,60 m. In that case you'll need 4 widths of role (180 cm). And 4 x 2,60 m=10,40 m.. You can choose in the dropdown for two times 500 x 180 cm and one time 100 x 180 cm.

We always contact you after we have received the order to inform the details and specifications.You can also contact us before if you are not sure!

Delivery: 7-21 working days (depending also on incl or excl rings)

PLEASE be aware this product is custom made and cannot be returned after being received. Curtains with a defect will be repaired or replaced, but not be refunded.

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Incl. Tax: €120.00 Excl. Tax: €99.17 (outside E.U.)

Pure wool felt curtains design uni

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