Geo bowl

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Design by BB+++
Produced by J.C. Herman Ceramics

BB+++ designer Kellie developed these Geo bowls in collaboration with her friend and pottery maker J.C. Herman.
The Line & Triangle bowls are glazed totally, the Dots bowl is only glazed where the dots are (to create a sharp contrast). All bowls are signed by a perforation hole of Ø 4 mm. Dishwash proof.

Sizes (approx):

Small Ø10 x 4,5 cm
Medium Ø15 x 6,5 cm

Designs: Triangle, Line, Dots

This bowls are hand rotated and by that every piece is unique!

ps. the bowl with red rope is a Loop bowl

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Incl. Tax: €24.95 Excl. Tax: €20.62 (outside E.U.)

Geo bowl

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