How can I choose the best size?

These tables will help you find the right size corresponding to your child's measurements. The age is an indication and expressed in years or months.


AgeSize (cm)Size (inch)
1 month54 cm21''
3 months60 cm24''
6 months67 cm26''
9 months71 cm28''
12 months74 cm29''
18 months81 cm32''
24 months86 cm34''


AgeSize (cm)Size (inch)
2 years86 cm (83 cm to 89 cm)34''
3 years94 cm (90 cm to 97 cm)37''
4 years102 cm (98 cm to 104 cm)40''
5 years108 cm (105 cm to 110 cm)42''
6 years114 cm (111 cm to 116 cm)45''
7 years120 cm (177 cm to 122 cm)47''
8 years126 cm (123 cm to 128 cm)49''
9 years132 cm (129 cm to 134 cm)52''
10 years138 cm (135 cm to 140 cm)54''
12 years150 cm (141 cm to 152 cm)59''


AgeSize (cm)Size (inch)
2/3 years5120
4/5 years5321
6/8 years5421.2
from 10 years5622


AgeSize (cm)Size (inch)
0/1 months37/4014/16
3/6 months43/4517/18
12/18 months47/4818/19
24/36 months49/5019/20

Sizing & quality De Vries shoes

Shoes that fit perfectly are most important for children. Our Portuguese producers are specialized in children´s shoes. They make sure that our shoes are both comfortable ànd firm. All our shoes have a good and stable fit that ensures the child’s foot stays in place. We use a sturdy A-quality leather on the outside. The inside of the shoe corresponds with the shape of a child’s foot and is made of a very gentle, soft leather quality that breathes. This creates a very comfortable fit during the day.
Our shoes have a good fit. They are made for average child’s feet: not too narrow and not too wide, not too big and not too small. To make sure you order the right size, you can measure your childs feet: put both of your child’s bare feet on a piece of paper and draw the outline. Measure the distance from the tip of the largest toe to the heel. Do it for both feet in centimeters. Take the largest foot as a reference. If your child always wears thick socks, than do the measuring with socks on. Use the scheme to help determine the right size of DE VRIES. In case you have any doubt between two sizes, choose the larger one. The extra bit of space won’t be there for long!

De Vries shoes

SizeLenghth of foot (cm)
2313,5-14,2 cm
2414,3-14,8 cm
2515-15,6 cm
2615,7-16,2 cm
2716,3-16,9 cm
2817-17,5 cm
2917,6-18,2 cm
3018,3-18,9 cm
3119-19,6 cm
3219,7-20,2 cm
3320,3-20,9 cm
3521,6-22,2 cm
3622,3-22,9 cm

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